Nutribullet is being compared to the Vitamix in a live side by side comparison.


Nutribullet and Vitamix Review and Testing Results

Whenever blenders are named in the How To Make Shakes and Smoothie community, the four names that constantly come up are Blendtec, Ninja, Nutribullet and the most coveted Vitamix. There is so much banter on Youtube and all over social media and the opinions are too wide in variety to choose a clear winner. My attempt in this series of posts will be to keep the discussion going while providing blendtecsome insight into all four brands. The issue is not which one is the Ruler of All Blenders but the real issue to find out which one suits your needs.

Brutal honesty about blenders and smoothies

Being brutally honest, I believe it’s all B.S. because each machine is capable of making a smoothie and as long as there is no steel wool in your recipe you will get a perfectly blended smoothie or shake.

The Blendtec Home Blender

Take the Blendtec for example people love the size (as compared to the Vitamix and Oster blenders), features and motor strength. I believe this blender has been neglected in the scheme of things and to me it is a great choice. The Blendtec Home blender has a great digital suite of settings one of them…wait for it…’Smoothie’. So what is wrong with the Blendtec?

Nutribullet – The Little Blender That Could

As far as the Nutribullet how many times to do you need to see this tiny kickass vortex blend the hell out of anything especially something as easy as a smoothie- of any kind. The downside to the Nutribullet is space but I’m pretty sure nutritionist and health food experts like David Wolfe wouldn’t associate their names to a dud! The Nutribullet is for the personal user who is making shakes and smoothies for themselves and not a whole family. But who is to count the ‘reload’ effort of someone who is ¬†going to blend, rinse and repeat. It is still a viable choice for someone who has more than one person to feed.

Hiring a Ninja for an easy job

The Ninja is by far another capable cyclonic monster in the kitchen. The makers boast it makes complete meals such as gravies, soup, salsa, food processing, nut chopping  let alone a shake and smoothie is a walk in the park. I had a friend who owned a Ninja and she and her husband swear by it, try convincing them to use a Blendtec. Ninja just recently launched their Nutri Ninja Pro which boasts a powerful 900 watt processor. It comes with two cups, a 24 oz cup for family servings on the go and a 18 oz personal cup. Both cups come complete with a seal and sip lid that is air tight to keep your beverage fresh.

All Hail the Royal Vitamix Blender

Last but definitely not least, the Vitamix the most coveted King or Queen of Blenders (ducking the chauvinist bullet there!) is the center of controversy. Some people believe it is so powerful and big that it is a commercial blender that belongs in a commercial kitchen. The Vitamix drawback is the need to use an accessory known as a tamper to push food toward the blade which is annoying to me. I discovered that the six bladed Ninja 1100 Watts with Single Serve Cups utilizes a tower of six blades to totally pulverize your ingredients without a tamper. I believe that to be to ultimate in competitive design and I’m sure that common sense will bring you to the same conclusion.

The Verdict Is In

The problem I have with all the opinions and arguments is that they are from people that want to blend fruit, vegetables, milks, liquids and powders together and these machines can probably blend steel wool (gross exxagertion but you get the point),… are you kidding me? The banter has to stop and let this article put an end to it. At the end of the day all of these blenders boil down to price point, space, and features, who are we fooling? All of them and I mean all of the blenders above are more than capable of making shakes and smoothies.

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  • Melissa

    I know the vitamix does, but I have a Blendtec. It is well worth the money in my household because I use it to make soups and ice cream for the three of us. Yes, there are cheaper and smaller blenders but that’s all they do. Anything will blend a smoothie. Not everything will blend frozen banana and turn it into ice cream. I also make homemade cashew butter with cashews and nothing else (no oil, sugar, or salt). Simply wonderful.