Learn How to Make Glowing Skin & Healthy Hair Smoothie Recipe for Luscious Hair and Clear Skin. (Nutribullet Review)

Imagine having clear acne free glowing skin that people immediately notice  as soon as they see you.

Visualize your face and hair radiating with gorgeous energy, energy that has its source in your nutrition and lifestyle.

Consider the benefits of drinking this nutritious smoothie on a daily basis and what it will do for your skin. 7281515234 54ebd75871 How to Make Glowing Skin & Healthy Hair Smoothie Recipe

What would you get the most benefit from a harsh chemical skin or hair product made with chemicals you can’t even pronounce or an all natural, nutrient dense, antioxidant rich smoothie that will heal your damaged skin and hair?

Now that realize that the natural way has more benefits for your hair and skin, please make this a part of your daily diet.

For the Glowing Skin and Healthy Hair Smoothie You Will Need:

1/2 cup of spinach

1/2 cup of kale

2 pieces of peeled ginger root

1 peeled lemon

1 peeled orange

1/2 cup of frozen berries

1 frozen banana

1 cup of coconut water

Instructions: Add all ingredients to your blender and mix on high until smooth.


5 Responses to “How to Make Glowing Skin & Healthy Hair Smoothie Recipe”

  1. HealthNutNutrition says:

    This looks amazing Annie! That def was a lot of ginger! Is the ginger over
    powering? I’ve only ever used ginger in my juices and i find a tiny amount
    goes a long way. I’ll have to try this out:) 

  2. louise youles says:

    just made this, tasted so good! loved the ginger xxx 

  3. Phoebe Jane says:

    Hello lovely’s :)
    I have beauty, fashion and other things I find fun on my channel.
    come see for yourself, and do what you wish :)
    have a nice day :)
    I’m having a high end giveaway once i get to 100 subscribers :)
    Also, great video Annie xx

  4. hajgubo says:

    Hey Annie! Do you drink coffee or just smoothies and tea and juice to kept
    you awake? I have really low bloodpressure so if i don’t drink a little
    coffee in the morning, i’ve got headache and feel dizzy and tired.. :S 

  5. Yolandi Barnard says:

    Hi annie, that looks really good. I was wondering can you actually taste
    the kale and spinach? I love making smoothies but have yet to venture into
    making green ones. I also like to add goji berries to a berry smoothie. If
    I’m making a breakfast smoothie I like to add oats, almonds and sunflower
    or pumpkin seeds – just for that extra boost. Hope to see more smoothie
    recipes in the near future please :) stay beautiful xx

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